Home Scientific Fields

The home scientific fields of the Department of Geography from Faculty of Science at University of Sarajevo are established and supplemented during its entire institutional development. These are the result of continuous scientific and professional engagement of the academic staff of the Department of Geography. There are eight home scientific fields: Physical geography, Human geography, Regional geography, Geoecology, Tourism, Regional and spatial planning, GIS (Geographic Information System), and Theoretical geography.

In the modern development period of the Department, home scientific fields were established by the following Acts of the Senate of the University of Sarajevo:

– Act number: 0101-I-1569/08 from 14th may 2008

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– Act number: 01-38-2386/10 from 14th july 2010

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The home scientific fields consist of subject theoretical and applied scientific disciplines, which correlate with them by their study object. The associated subject scientific disciplines are defined by the above-mentioned Acts, and subsequently supplemented by the following Acts: No. 01-6605/16 on 26th October 2016, and No. 01-6075/17 on 27th September 2017.