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Ljetna škola u Krakovu (SPINAKER -Second edition of International School at AGH UST)


Second edition of International School at AGH UST

implemented by the AGH University of Science and Technology, Krakow, Poland from the SPINAKER Program, financed by the National Agency for Academic Exchange in accordance with the financing agreement No.

Where: AGH University of Science and Technology, Krakow, Poland, (onsite and online)


Fee: none

The target group will be a group of  foreign students from University of Tuzla/ University of Sarajevo, – Bosnia and Herzegovina, University of Belgrade-Serbia.

Each of the Intensive International Education Programs (IIEP) will be attended by a group of 15 foreign students (I, II or III level of studies – Bachelor, Master, PhD).

IIEP dedicated to “Practical aspects of groundwater quality monitoring ”
will be conducted in the form of the so-called blended learning in the form of online lectures (2 didactic hours), practical workshops (28 didactic hours). Get to know Poland. A short introduction to Polish culture, geography, history and language class – (2 h – online, practical workshops – 8h).

Scholarship: approx. 1 000 EUR

Foreign students will be granted residence scholarships in the amount of PLN 5 000. The scholarship may be used for: purchase of a plane ticket from the country of the project participant, accommodation costs, food costs and insurance.

Summer School Schedule:

Duration: 11-21.05.2023

Formula: hybryrid

11-12.05.2023 (2 h+2h) – introduction to the course in the remote formula

(via The Microsoft Teams application)

13-14.05.2023 – travel to Krk

15-19.05.2023 (28h+8h) – full-time modules of courses and elements promoting Poland

20-21.05.2023 – additionally – integration trip of all participants

22.05.2023 – return to countries

Please send 5 applications from your University. All applications list should be sent by email to:

Ms Magdalena Grotowska – ( )